Proofs of concepts aka. POC

Below are little processes that are either experimental or live.

These are processes that I feel are too small to create into it's own blog post, as I am getting more matured these processes are happening much more often and I don't want the process of creating so many blog posts to slow me down. If you'd like a more in depth analysis into a process you can try sending me a message here.

Embedding Spline animations into here

Above is an animation built in Spline that I embedded inside of here through the use of an iframe. You can click and manipulate it. 2 touches for orbit and 3 touches for pan (on mobile).

Implementing iframes to get my other projects into here

Below is some timers I made inside a gatsby starter app. This application is actually hosted on a different domain but i'm able to embedd them into this application through the use of iframes.

Implementing a dark theme

stuff in here is the children to the theme component

Made huge progress in regards to my understanding of styled components, react and how the two together can make a nice theme toggle component. Below you can see how I applied a theme toggle to my pomodoro application.

Implementing a new blog category

Since the implementation was already done for my other blog categories; the implementation was rather simple to do as I already had the required code; I just needed to copy, paste, and refactor. Check the link below for the feature branch and look for the latest commits in it for the code changes.

Implementing a sexy ass button

I simply copied and refactored into an emotion/react component. Check the link for other buttons.

Implementing a button that prompts user if it will open a link in a new tab

Nothing crazy here, just utilizing window.confirm() and


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