Mark Yabut

"Advice is really your current-self talking to your former-self."

This site aims to share my journey as I explore strategies, tools and ideas that attempt improve my internal systems so that I may live a happier, healthier and productive life (and maybe inspire the reader).

This site is me talking to myself.

About me

I work as asoftware test engineer,where I build applications that test other applications that I may have also built. I have an education in electrical computer engineering that I don't really use, but I keep the spirit alive through my hobbies.

I like making things. But don't press that "things" link if you are worried about a 40-50mb render or if you are trying to navigate to it from an embedded browser such as the one inside of Instagram (it will crash).

I also spend time writing about what i've learned while working in tech as I believe that:

"The formula for success and happiness is sharing what we learn, even if it's something that we may feel that 'everybody knows.'"

Why this

For a while I'd wake up every morning, go through the same routines and by the end of it, ask myself: “isn't it supposed to get easier?” Everything got better for me when I made peace with the fact that it will not ever get easier; life is hard.

Back to the original question, I developed this place because I needed it.

When things are going well or not so well; the question is always the same “how to keep going?” With everything getting more complex, it's easy to get stuck and feel like we're not getting anywhere.

This place is somewhere to track my milestones and a reminder to myself that I am pushing forward.

My 2022 self looking at the 2020 self that wrote this: 🤦‍♂️


The ideas i've shared here are both of my own and of my influences.

"Take what you want and leave the rest."


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