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Why Notion changed my life

03 July, 2020 - 3 min read

Notion introduces their application as “A new tool that blends your everyday work apps into one. It's the all-in-one workspace for you and your team.” I think “all-in-one” is a very fair representation because it truly has the power to do (almost) anything you can imagine. A big emphasis on the “almost” as I do think with the right approach it can do “everything.”

How Notion changes everything

With the introduction of Notion, a new standard of note taking applications has emerged; a category of applications that allow users to have the same customizability that is usually associated with coding. In traditional note taking applications, the user is forced to adhere to a static structure that has little to no customizability. Need something absolutely unique to your needs? Like a table inside of a calendar inside of another calendar which is inside of a toggle list? It’s possible with Notion.

I believe the power comes from Notion’s

  • Flexibility: Notion has seamless integration with multiple platforms; It has native applications for multiple operating systems and can also run as a web page on any internet browser.
  • Adaptability: Since there is no strict template or structure to adhere to, a user can in essence build their own application that is customized specifically for that individual's needs.
  • Scalability: Since Notion is cloud based, where all data is stored in the cloud scalability is endless as there is no hardware limitation such as storage.

Notion serves as a central backbone or hub; allowing for clarity and focus for all aspects of life such as:

  • Creative pursuits
  • Side hustles
  • Career
  • Education

“We don’t rise to the highest version of ourselves that we can imagine, we fall to the level of our systems”

It’s our systems that hold and catch us when we fall. Recently I had gone through some really desperate moments in life, but it was thanks to my systems that I was able to easily find the motivation to get out of those moments. I am a firm believer that if anyone has any sort of goal, what’s more important than the goal itself; is the systems leading up to that goal. Notion has the power to be the “operating system” for life, a platform that allows for effective sub-system building.

Im not the only one who thinks this app will change your life

A lot of my mentors on productivity vouch for this application and for good reason. Here is a list of good resources to get you started:

LinkedinSource CodeInstagram
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