Burn out could be okay

07 July, 2022 - 2 min read

Burn out

I've keep on hearing the advice to "not burn out," but what if there are scenarios where it is okay to burn out?

Burning out and not progressing

I agree, this is something you should not do. It could be a shitty job, shitty interactions, shitty anything. If you are burning out doing things that do not contribute to your ultimate goal - you should probably aim to do less of such things. I say 'aim to do less' with emphasis; because sometimes you just have to suffer to sustain. Sometimes you need to suffer through that 9-5, but the idea is all your other efforts should be put to getting out of that 9-5.

Burning out and progressing

This is the anti pattern, this is something I think you should do. I believe in this state, feeling 'burnt out' is a good thing. With progress being something super hard to quantify; I think feeling 'tired' can be leveraged as one of the indicators of progress. It is proof that you are trying your best.

How can you tell what type of burn out you're experiencing?

I have just been asking myself every time I feel tired - 'am I one step closer to where I want to be in life?'

What is your favourite positive of burning out?

An interesting realization i've come accross recently when feeling burnt out - I tend to give less fucks. Which is amazing, with me being the type to care too much.

Random quote from someone I look up to

"You have to learn to say no, otherwise you're going to hate your job" my addition to this is to also not forget how to say yes in the process. Sometimes you actually should say yes lol.


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