A post on how I made this post about what’s encouraging me to make this post

07 April, 2022 - 2 min read

For this one i’m going to go backwards and first address the idea of what’s encouraging me to make this post and then talk about how I made this post.

What’s encouraging me to make this post

There’s been a lot of encouragement over the last few years (since I made this place), but as usual with most habits we all try to build; they do not last. That is okay though. I look back at my older posts and i’m glad that I at least tried; the fact that i’m trying again is the most important part for me. There really is beauty in the struggle; I think the key to success is getting use to being on our asses, and constantly trying again.

Life is about living and not conceptualizing

Going to steal this quote that’s been stuck in my head. Though i’d argue it does not even embody my message but I will force it into relevancy with the hope it gets out of my head. When I think about life, I think about what is important. So if this place is important to me, instead of just conceptualizing what I should or should-not post on here, i’m just going to not think too far ahead and just do it.

How I made this post

Going to talk more about process here, rather than all that self-help-growth stuff I just tried to articulate above.

I’ve raved quite a bit about using Notion, but in essence; it is where I store my ideas and it is where I also create these posts (initially). After typing them out i’ll simply insert whatever assets I need; all my drawings are done through another web application called Excalidraw.



After I’ve created the assets; I will head over to the CMS of my website and copy and paste it in.

And then 'Publlish' which will start my CI/CD pipeline which you can read more about in the tech post I wrote about it.


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